Concert Reviews: MYRKUR at John Dee (Oslo, Norway)

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MYRKUR at John Dee (Oslo, Norway)

Opening Act: JO QUAIL

Tuesday, November 4, 2018

by Jorge Patacas


Since the release of her first self-titled EP in 2014, Myrkur, the project of the Danish multi-instrumentist and actress Amalie Bruun, has been acclaimed and at the same time criticized with prejudice and without any serious foundation just for the fact that she included Black Metal parts in her music, because she didn’t play this kind of music before. Despite those detractors with unfounded prejudices, “M”, her debut album released by Relapse Records in 2015 had a lineup actually linked to Black Metal including Teloch of Mayhem on guitars and Øyvind Myrvoll of Nidingr on drums. The album was also produced by the great Kristoffer “Garm” Rygg of Ulver. It’s a fact that with each new album (she just released an EP called “Juniper”), Bruun makes clear that she has a lot of talent both on the songwriting and performance, covering a broad spectrum of sounds, which has Scandinavian folk roots that are perfectly combined with her incredible ethereal voice, the use of traditional instruments and atmospheric Black Metal passages. This results in a unique formula that has taken the metal scene by storm. As part of her European tour, she performed with her band on November 4th at John Dee venue in Oslo, Norway, and it was the first time I had the opportunity to see her live show, so the expectations were high.

As a side note, Sigurd Wongraven AKA Satyr (vocalist for Satyricon) showed up minutes before the doors were opened. He was going to attend the show, so we talked for a couple of minutes and he clearly remembered the only show that Satyricon played in Uruguay back in 2011.
The doors were finally opened at 7:00 pm, and one hour later, the British cellist Jo Quail appeared on stage as the opening act. She was there alone with her cello and some recorded tracks and managed to catch the attention of the audience that almost filled the venue. Quail has released three LPs, three EPs and a live DVD since she began her career in 2010. For this forty-minute performance, she chose four long songs, each of them having a previous introduction and explanation of what had inspire her at the time of writing them. Even though these are instrumental compositions, topics such as night or the power that water has over humanity are some of the inspirations of Quail at the time of writing her pieces which are hypnotic at times, while others have both quiet and loud passages, ensuring the applause and the good reception of the audience.
Just fifteen minutes after the end of her show, the lights went out and the musicians of Myrkur (which means “Darkness” in Icelandic, by the way), began to come out one by one on stage, including Jo Quail again on cello.
The setlist was split in two parts, starting with a purely folk acoustic set with five musicians on stage apart from the vocalist, who surprised us with a powerful voice, even with some acapella passages that left everyone astonished. “Bonden og Kragen”, from her last EP, “Jenta”, “Flickan”, “Ramund”, “House Carpenter” (first English song of the night) and “Himlen Blev Sort” were included on the first half of the set, which concluded with a Nyckelharpa (Swedish traditional string instrument) solo by Myrkur herself.
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Concert Reviews: AMARANTHE at Røverstaden (Oslo, Norway)

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AMARANTHE at Røverstaden (Oslo, Norway)


Friday, November 23, 2018

by Jorge Patacas


One year after their visit to South America, the Swedes Amaranthe began a European tour to promote their recently released fifth album “Helix”, after the not so well received previous effort “Maximalism” (2016), which was criticized for being too focused on the electronic elements that have always been part of their cocktail of musical styles. Many describe them as a very pop band to be categorized as metal, others describe them as a very heavy band to be considered pop, but regardless of the tastes of each and every one, the undeniable fact is that their sound is original. In their music we find Power Metal, Metalcore, Pop and Electronica as main genres, including three vocalists: Elize Ryd with a more pop-oriented voice, Nils Molin (who joined in 2017 replacing Jake E.) with the traditional Power Metal voice, and Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson is responsible for contributing the aggressive side.
The current tour led them to perform in the capital of their neighboring country, Norway, at the Røverstaden club, which also has a bar next to it, located in a very good area just a few steps away from the National Theater in Oslo.

Doors were opened a few minutes after 8:00 pm and immediately a large part of the audience went directly to the merchandising stand where there were different t-shirts, CDs, vinyls and accessories from the main band as well as the two opening bands, The Last Band and Triosphere. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to see the first ones because I was doing the interview with Johan Andreassen (bass player for Amaranthe) at that time. After the interview, I went to the concert area where the Norwegian band Triosphere were about to start their performance. This band comes from the city of Trondheim and they have been on the scene since 2004 and those who are always researching bands from all the metal subgenres have probably heard of them before, specially after the release of their second album “The Road Less Travelled” (2010), which got more promotion and distribution since it was released by the German label AFM Records. However, despite the good reviews received, for some reason they have not yet achieved the popularity or greater international attention they deserve, unfortunately. The formula of the quartet formed by Ida Haukland on bass and vocals, Marius Silver Bergesen and T.O. Byberg on guitars and choirs, and Kenneth Tårneby on drums, resides in Power Metal with many progressive elements, which highlights Haukland’s vocal skills and the good taste compositions such as “Marionette” or “The Heart’s Dominion”, the latter from his third and last studio album to date entitled “The Heart of the Matter” (2014). Being an opening act, of course their setlist was shorter than normal, but it was enough to convince the crowd with their experience and technique, leaving a very good impression to those who didn’t know them.
More than half an hour after the end of the Triosphere performance, Amaranthe took the stage with an audience that exploded as soon as the lights went out and each member hit the stage. The charismatic Elize Ryd impressed as soon as she stepped on the stage with each of her movements and her voice that complements in a perfect way with that of the other two vocalists. “Digital World”, “Dynamite”, “On The Rocks” and “365” (single from their latest album) were some of the first songs, which usually last no more than four minutes. All of them were chanted and cheered by most of the crowd, mainly those who were closer to the stage. The band really knows how to move on stage, regardless of whether they are playing at a festival or a club with a stage of relatively small dimensions such as Røverstaden. Moving from one side to the other, interacting with the audience between each song, even taking “selfies” (!) with some fans while playing, they have all the elements to entertain their fans and they do it from the beginning until the end of their show.
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Concert Reviews: UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS at Rockefeller Music Hall (Oslo, Norway)

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UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS at Rockefeller Music Hall (Oslo, Norway)

Opening Act: L.A. WITCH

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

by Jorge Patacas


Seven years have passed since I discovered the British band Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats with their second album “Blood Lust”, released via Rise Above Records, owned by Lee Dorrian (Cathedral, ex Napalm Death), as well as the rest of their five-album discography. It’s shocking to see the amount of bands that have emerged in this decade playing Occult Rock in the style of the late 60’s and 70’s bands, each of them taking that sound to the current era and adding its own identity, that’s how we can clearly differentiate one from the other. The most obvious example is the successful Swedish band Ghost, but bands like Kadavar, Jex Thoth, Lucifer, Royal Thunder, Windhand or Witch Mountain are other exponents who have been inspired depending on the case in Psychedelic Rock, Progressive, Blues and most notably in the eternal Black Sabbath riffs. Even pioneers of Occult Rock like Coven, formed in the second half of the 60’s, with their legendary vocalist Jinx Dawson as frontwoman, have played again and even released new material on the current decade. This movement has brought excellent bands, the aforementioned are just some ofthem, but one that has caught my attention since the first time I’ve heard of them was Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats. These guys from Cambridge who just released their fifth album “Wasteland”, have a very unique sound where psychedelia mixes with the doom riffs from Sabbath school and even with Stoner passages. They’re also inspired by the same period when it comes to the visuals, not only on their musicians aesthetics, but also in their music videos, posters and merchandising. It’s a band that in some way captures the mysticism that surrounded many groups of the time and bring it to this digital era, and that draws the attention of those who in part miss that musical period. Fate has led me to be residing in the Scandinavian region today, specifically in Norway, where the Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats would be present, being the first time that I personally was able to see their show.

Outside the temperature was below zero despite being autumn in the Nordic country, but once inside the climate changed radically.
We are talking about the Rockefeller Music Hall, one of the most popular in Norway in terms of gigs, which capacity for 1350 people.
As its name suggests, L.A. Witch, comes from Los Angeles, California, and they were the band who was responsible for opening the night. It’s a female trio formed in 2011 with a sound that captures and transports the listeners to analogical periods, where garage rock and indie are clearly present with a hint of psychedelia around each of the compositions. The trio formed by Sade Sanchez on guitar and vocals, Irita Pai on bass and Ellie English on drums, released their self-titled debut album in 2017 and this tour is exposing them to new audiences. We’ll see what will be the result of this great opportunity for them.
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Norwegian band WHIP sends greetings to RISE! in Spanish!

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RISE! has attended the rehearsal of the Norwegian band WHIP and their bass player Raatten sent us a greeting in Spanish! Check it out!
Interview with the whole band coming soon at risemetal.com




RISE! at NESEBLOD RECORDS (Oslo, Norway) – Mini Documentary

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Here is a Mini Documentary we’ve made about our visit to Neseblod Records, an amazing record store in Oslo, Norway, which also has a Black Metal Museum. This is the location where the members of the so-called “Inner Circle” of Norwegian Black Metal used to gather: the Helvete’s basement, formerly owned by the legendary Mayhem’s guitar player, Euronymous. Watch it, share it and don’t forget to subscribe to the RISE! Youtube channel!



For those who have issues watching the NESEBLOD RECORDS mini documentary on Youtube due to country restrictions, we’ve uploaded it to Facebook too. Enjoy!