Concert Reviews: SONATA ARCTICA at Parkteatret (Oslo, Norway)

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SONATA ARCTICA at Parkteatret (Oslo, Norway)


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

by Jorge Patacas


After their acoustic tour that landed in Oslo last March, the Finnish power metallers Sonata Arctica returned to the Tiger City, this time with an electric set as part of their European leg of the tour in support of their latest album “Talviyö” (Finnish word for “Winter Night”).
Doors opened at 19 hs. and half an hour later, the first opening band took the stage. What a great feeling it is to discover a good band in their live show. That was the case for me with the Finnish quintet Temple Balls who play Hard Rock in the vein of the 80’s Glam scene. They were formed in 2009 and have released two albums, latest one is called “Untamed”, from which they played some songs that night including “Ball and Chain” and “Distorted Emotions” which undoubtedly would have been radio hits if we were living in the 80’s. They have catchy tunes, good riffs and the right attitude to conquer audiences. Let’s keep an eye on them!
The other band opening for Sonata Arctica on this tour is Edge of Paradise. The Los Angeles-based outfit has played in Europe only once at the Femme Festival in the Netherlands back in 2017, so this was their first show ever in Norway and the second of their European tour. Personally, I have followed this band since the beginning and saw how they evolved at all levels over the last eight years. Their new album called “Universe” is an example of this. It was released by Frontiers Records on November 8th, so we got to hear some of the new songs live, including the catchy singles “Universe”, “Face of Fear”, “Alone” and “Fire”, for which they also made great videos. The charismatic frontwoman Margarita Monet has a powerful and large vocal range, while the other original member, Dave Bates, showcase his skills on the lead guitar, specially on the solos where one can clearly notice his classical influences.
The rest of the current lineup consists of David Ruiz (guitar), Mike Bear (bass) and Jimmy Lee (drums), and they all together had a great performance which concluded with a cover of “Bad”, originally by Michael Jackson. Looking forward to seeing them again soon!
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Interview: MORK

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The multi-instrumentist Thomas Eriksen is the mastermind behind Mork, one of the most prominent bands in the current Norwegian Black Metal scene. “Det Svarte Juv” is the name of the fourth full-length studio album released this year by Peaceville Records. We conducted an interview with Eriksen to discuss the new album, the old school Black Metal sound, the story behind the name, his hometown Halden and more!


RISE!: – You have released your fourth studio album “Det Svarte Juv” this year again via Peaceville Records, what do you think is the best of working with the label?

Thomas Eriksen: Yes, we had everything planned out correctly to have it out during the Inferno Festival in Oslo, where Mork also had a show-spot. So everything went along very well, with listening-sessions, signing-sessions, Mork beer-launch, the show and the release itself. Before signing with Peaceville, I was in dealings with other big labels as well. However Peaceville turned out to be the better for my needs at the time. Today all four albums are out via them and the co-operations work out well and I am allowed a lot of freedom. I guess they have noticed that I am somewhat in control of what I am doing and that I am a hard dedicated worker for my art.

R!: – What was your main source of inspiration when writing “Det Svarte Juv”?

TE: The title itself is actually about ten years old. It was back then planned out to be a concept EP depicting the faces of depression and downfall. However the idea was shelved. Move ahead about a decade and I am faced with my own personal dark times. With the passings of several family members, break-up and illness, all within one single year really colored my world. So the title popped out again and felt like a fitting one for this current album. It’s a varied album with themes from depression all the way to strong self-belief and self esteem. Musically I have been letting loose more and more for each album, by not sticking too much to the firm frames of classic primitive black metal. I have of course gained more confidence throughout my Mork career, which also helped letting me open up my creativity influences even outside the genre.
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Concert Reviews: HØSTSABBAT 2019 (Oslo, Norway)

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HØSTSABBAT 2019 (Oslo, Norway)

October 4-5, 2019

by Jorge Patacas


Are you a Stoner, Doom, Psychedelic, Prog or Heavy Blues fan? Have you ever thought of a festival lineup full of bands from these genres in an unusual location such as a church!? Seems unreal? Well, you can actually get that at Høstsabbat in Oslo, Norway!
The promoters started the festival six years ago in a different venue, but moved to the Kulturkirken Jakob last year, so this was the second edition at this place, and it’s just perfect. The acoustics and the atmosphere of the church clearly fits this kind of music and everybody’s satisfied with it. The program was split in three different stages this time, the main one was the chapel, then there was another one in the crypt with a limited capacity for 120 people and just crossing the street there was a third stage at a bar called Verkstedet with a capacity of 140 people where only Norwegian bands performed.


Day 1:

Shows at the main room kicked-off with Skraeckoedlan, a Stoner-meets-Psychedelic four-piece from Norrköping, Sweden. “Eorþe” is the name of their third studio album which came out this year and is a collaboration with sci-fi author Nils Håkansson. We got exposed to their fuzzy riffs since the beginning of a show that featured lots of overwhelming energy which comes from a ten year career experience.
When going downstairs, one was able to appreciate the art exhibition curated by Linda K. Røed and Trine Grimm, two artists originally from Haugesund which are well-known within the Norwegian metal scene. Linda’s works can be found on album covers from Darkthrone, Svattjern, Glittertind and many other bands, and Trine is a full-time tattoo artist with a studio based in Oslo.
Then the North Americans Yatra took over the stage. The trio has been touring Europe for the first time after hitting the road in their homeland following the release of their debut album “Death Ritual”, so we were able to witness their bombastic Sludge Doom performance with aggressive screaming vocals.

When reading the name Electric Eye, the first thing coming to your mind is, of course, Judas Priest, but don’t get confused, this four-piece from Bergen has absolutely nothing to do with the British Heavy Metal masters. It’s hard to describe their style, but they sound quite atmospheric with lots of psychedelic rock sounds making sure to transport us to a sonic journey where the keyboards are essential. Electric Eye has been around since 2012, released three albums and they’re ready for more!
Next in line was the Swedish band Stuck in Motion, who played in the crypt. Their Psychedelic Blues captivated the audience who filled the place. They use guitars, bass, drums, keyboards that always have a leading role on their tunes and even percussion for those that have a hippie-vibe on it. Some even exchanged their instruments, which shows that at least three of the musicians are multi-instrumentists. This is a very interesting band to check out.
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Concert Reviews: SPETAKKEL FESTIVALEN 2019 (Larvik, Norway)

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SPETAKKEL FESTIVALEN 2019 (Larvik, Norway)

September 27-28th, 2019

by Jorge Patacas


Even when the summer season is over in Norway, there are still a couple of indoor festivals in autumn and one of them is Spetakkel Festivalen, which is held in Larvik, a city located around two hours away from Oslo. The festival has been held on September 27th-28th at Sliperiet, an old building where they used to produce cellulose which was turned into a cultural center back in 2008.

When entering the venue, we could see the stage and a big space for the audience, while the merchandising stands were on the left side and a sitting area where they were selling food was located on the right side, so it was possible to watch a band while being sitting having some food which was definitely a plus.
It all started on Friday with four bands on stage, which were Cutthroat with the festival organizer Pål Borgersen on vocals; Diesel Gorilla from Tønsberg; Aspherium, who had the release party of their new album “The Embers of Eternity” at the festival; and the mighty Susperia playing their only show this year and the first since the return of Athera on vocals.
There were some delays on the schedule during Saturday, so the first band, Skybrudd, went on stage about one hour later than expected, but everything went smooth from there onwards. While the audience was still arriving to the venue, the four-piece originally from Drammen pleased us with their style that is a melting pot of influences where Doom, Sludge, Death and even some progressive elements are merged.
Then it was time for some Norwegian Black Metal which is always well-received in the country where it was born. This time the genre was represented by Visegard, a band that comes from Skien, on a stage that featured goat horns, skulls, elements from nature and candlesticks, and they were wearing corpsepaint in the most notable Black Metal tradition.
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Concert Reviews: TURBONEGRO at Rockefeller (Oslo, Norway)

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TURBONEGRO at Rockefeller (Oslo, Norway)

Special Guests: TURBONECRO

Saturday, October 19, 2019

by Jorge Patacas


If there is a band that has managed to combine punk with hard rock and glam rock with bizarre elements, that band is Turbonegro, who actually describes their style as “deathpunk”. The Norwegians have influenced countless bands around the world and albums like “Ass Cobra” (1996) and “Apocalypse Dudes” (1998) are considered classics nowadays. They have a large fan base and an international fan club called Turbojugend, which in fact, gathered two nights prior to the show in an event called Bloodbath at the bar/venue Vaterland in Oslo, which have been organized for ten years now.

The doors opened at 8 pm and one hour later, Turbonecro, a band composed of former members of Turbonegro, were responsible for opening the night. The four-piece consists of Vegard Heskestad (guitar), Bengt Calmeyer (bass), Carlos Carrasco (drums) and Harald Fossberg (vocals), who sang on the Turbonegro first album “Hot Cars and Spent Contraceptives” (1992) and is now a write. They began their repertoire focused on the old Turbonegro material such as the classic “Deathtime”, and other songs from the first period of the band. Just like on their performance at Hellbotn a couple of months ago, Harald got off the stage several times to sing while staring at those who were in first row. A very good performance that left people satisfied and ready for the headliner.
By that time, Rockefeller was full and one could see an impressive amount of people wearing sailor hats and denim jackets with Turbojugend patches, the traditional outfit that identifies the band’s visual image.
After a very successful Latin American tour, Turbonegro returned to their home country to celebrate their 30th Anniversary with this sold-out show. There were people from all over the world in the crowd and both locals and foreigners started to sing the “I Got Erection” chorus even before the band went on stage! By the way, was that Mexican flag hanging on the right side of the stage representing the aforementioned success on their Latin American tour?
Finally the lights went out and the audience exploded in euphoria when the band went on stage and the guitarist Knut Schreiner (AKA Euroboy) began playing the intro of “The Age of Pamparius”, a classic tune that features a catchy chorus which was sang by everyone, while beer glasses began flying from all sides and that lasted until the end of the show.
Even though the band’s former and legendary vocalist, Hank from Hell, left the band almost a decade ago, his successor, the British Anthony Madsen Sylvester, better known as The Duke of Nothing, does an excellent job, also when it comes to the communication with the audience, having a lot of humor, a trademark of the band.
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