About RISE!


RISE! is a webzine dedicated to all things Metal. It was founded by Jorge Patacas in August 2005 and it first came out as an e-zine, which was an unexplored format in the country back then. At the same time the e-zine issues were released as PDF files, a webzine was created in order to announce news, gig dates, and many more stuff. Since April 2012, RISE! has stopped releasing issues as PDF files to become a webzine featuring the latest news, interviews, concert dates, upcoming releases, CD reviews, concert reviews, biographies, special reports, and many more sections. Check out our website www.risemetal.com and sign up if you want to receive all the updates in your email. You can also join us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated with the latest Metal news!

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Editor & Writer:

Jorge Patacas


Pablo Melogno
Carlos “Closmu” Musetti
Ruben Melo
Esteban Laborde
Lucas Gordon (Correspondent in USA)
Christin Hansen (Photographer)