Sunday, April 27 – MORTIIS at Revolver (Oslo, Norway)

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Sunday, April 27


at Revolver

Møllergata 32 (Oslo)

20:00 hs.

Special Guest: OFFERMOSE

Tickets: Kr. 225 + AVG




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Interview: SUPERLYNX

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The Norwegian band Superlynx has just released their sophomore album “New Moon” after three years of their debut “LVX”. This new effort is getting several positive reviews and the band is currently playing a lot of shows introducing more people to their Stoner/Doom sound with haunting vocals by Pia Isaksen, who is also their bass player. We talked to her as well as Daniel Bakken (guitar) and Ole Teigen (drums) about the past, present and future of the band. Enjoy!


RISE!: – Let’s start talking about the new album, “New Moon”, which has been inspired by the contrast of light and darkness, can you elaborate more on that?

Pia Isaksen: It was written in a period where all of us had recently been through or were in troubling times, and it has influenced our writing and our music quite heavily. But we wanted to focus not only on the darkness and the hard times, but also conquering the difficulties and getting through it, and coming to a new start.

Ole Teigen: In the personal aspect of it, it’s like overcoming your troubles, becoming stronger and accepting your weaknesses. In a more spiritual way, it’s about getting over yourself, looking at other people and the rest of the world with more compassion. We are like a big family. Even though we have different stories, we share a lot. It’s about becoming free from your own demons riding you, you kinda need to embrace them.

PI: The light and darkness thing also refers to the connection to nature and the universe. It’s like a symbol for the things we go through and want to overcome and it’s also about becoming light even after the darkest times. Light and darkness have also been almost a constant theme for us since the beginning.
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Right from the underground music scene of Oslo, Norway, Høstsabbat emerged in 2013 and it has slowly developed to become one of the most important scandinavian festivals for fans of genres such as Doom, Stoner, Psychedelic, Prog and Space Rock. This festival has a unique atmosphere, not only because it reunites some of the best underground bands from the aforementioned scenes, but because it’s being held in a church (!). Yes, once again on this year’s edition, the Kulturkirken Jakob church located in the Grünerløkka area in Oslo will be visited by both local and international audiences who will be able to experience something different and not a traditional open-air festival.
In 2019, Høstsabbat will showcase the best of the current underground scene in three different stages: the main one called The Chapel which is located in the church room, The Crypt which is a smaller club in the basement with a limited capacity of 120 people and Verkstedet, a venue and a bar located across the street from the church with a capacity of 140 people. This one will be used for Norwegian bands only.
There will also be bars and lots of merchandising, so get ready!


Høstsabbat 2019 will be held on October 4th and 5th and these are the confirmed bands so far:




You can find more information HERE





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Concert Reviews: PESTILENCE at Blå (Oslo, Norway)

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PESTILENCE en Blå (Oslo, Norway)


Thursday, March 7, 2019

by Jorge Patacas


Having the chance to see a legendary Dutch Death Metal band like Pestilence is not something that happens everyday. Their first albums contributed with a technical approach to a scene that was having a great impact worldwide, in the early 90’s. On this tour, thirty years after the release of their second album, the unforgettable “Consuming Impulse”, the band is playing it in its entirety to the delight of their most hardcore fans.

It was a cold Thursday night in the Norwegian capital, but inside Blå, the venue chosen for the show, the public was eager to hear good Old School Death Metal. After checking the merch stands of the three bands, we approached the stage.
The group responsible for opening the night was Carnosus, from Örebro, Sweden, with a style within Death Metal standards with melodic elements, although they don’t sound like the Gothenburg Melodeath bands or like the traditional Death of the historical bands from Stockholm. The quintet was formed in 2011 and has an EP entitled “The Universal Culmination” (2016) as well as the singles “Lost to Funereal Desires” (2017) and “Subjected to Cadaverous Defilement” (2018). Although the band is still very underground, they have what it takes to get bigger within the scene.
Then it was the turn for the Dutch band Bleeding Gods, who last year released their second album “Dodekathlon”, first one via Nuclear Blast, receiving very good reviews of it. Both in the musical and aesthetic aspect, the band has been inspired by the Symphonic Black Metal, although they also include Death Metal in their sound with their fast-paced riffs close to Thrash sometimes, while the lyrics are about wars and ancestral gods, being the mentioned record of 2018 inspired by Greek mythology. While there was no song that has stood out from the rest in their performance, what caught the attention of the audience was mainly the solos by the guitarist Ramon Ploeg, the harsh vocals of Mark Huisman, and the atmospheric layers created by the keyboardist David Gutierrez Rojas.
With the guitarist and vocalist Patrick Mameli as the only original member, the legendary Pestilence came out to destroy the venue with “Dehydrated” followed by the rest of the tracks of the mentioned album “Consuming Impulse”, which contains classics such as “Out of the Body” and “Reduced to Ashes”. Even though there was not much moshpit, the crowd responded in a very positive way even asking for songs; in fact someone requested the song “Before the Penance” from their demo “The Penance” (1987), to which the leader of the band replied that it was not possible that night, but he appreciated his words. This shows how intimate the concert was and the very good interaction between bands and audience in a small place like Blå.
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Concert Reviews: MICHALE GRAVES at John Dee (Oslo, Norway)

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MICHALE GRAVES at John Dee (Oslo, Norway)

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

by Jorge Patacas


Michael Emanuel, better known by his stage name Michale Graves, managed to make a name for himself worldwide after joining the legendary Misfits in 1995 when he was only twenty years old. Although his time as vocalist for the New Jersey band finished in 2000, his presence revitalized the band at the time with two studio albums, “American Psycho” (1997) and “Famous Monsters” (1999), which became classics, in addition to the live album “Evillive II” (1998). After that, Graves was involved in different projects including a recent collaboration with the legendary Marky Ramone, as well as releasing solo material.

In this long tour that Graves and his band are doing across the European continent, the vocalist presents some tracks from his solo career as part of the setlist, but the focus is on Misfits, so it was a great opportunity to witness again or see these songs live for the first time, depending on the case. There were people of all ages, from old school fans who are already in their fifties to those who are just turning 20, including some with classic punk aesthetics, but also several guys with metal t-shirts, especially of Black Metal bands.
There were no opening bands on this occasion, so the lights went out around 20:30, and the musicians began to appear on stage, Graves being the last to appear with his traditional make up which was consistent to what would be the performance of that night. They started with “Bedlam” from his album of the same name released in 2016, followed by the Misfits classic, “American Psycho”, with its heavy riffs and catchy chorus that made everyone vibrate.
At one point, there was a flaw in the Graves microphone after he threw the support, so while looking for another, the vocalist began playing with the audience and the band made jokes about the issue, perfectly mastering an unexpected situation. From there, the general atmosphere improved substantially in terms of audience response and also when it comes to the band, especially Graves himself was much more into the show after this technical issue. Later he referred to the weariness of the tour indicating that this was the show number 57, but despite that, he gave it all, and the energy displayed in songs like “Saturday Night”, “Shining” or “Descending Angel” caused a great ovation.
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