Interview: KEEL

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Marc Ferrari is one of the most prolific musicians in Los Angeles. His career began in 1984 with the famous band Keel, with whom he toured big part of the world.
In 2019, the group celebrates 35 years of experience and Marc tells us what they are planning to do.



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Hellbotn Metalfest started up in 2014 in Kolbotn, the Norwegian city where bands like Darkthrone were founded. It’s located approximately twenty minutes by car from Oslo, and it’s the hometown for the organizers of the festival. This year’s edition will take place at Kolben Kulturhus on August 30 and 31 and the lineup features Cadaver, Carpathian Forest, Mysticum, Mork, Nekromantheon, Nocturnal Breed and many others!
We did an interview with the organisers to get to know more about the history of the festival and all the details you want to know.


RISE!: – Tell us a bit about the story of the festival, how did you come up with the idea of starting with Hellbotn Metalfest?

Hellbotn: The idea for the festival came about when we were booking a show with Aura Noir and we started talking about all the cool bands that came from or had members from Kolbotn and the surrounding areas. We quickly agreed that a festival to honor this would be a cool endevour and just went from there.

R!: – How many stages do you have at the festival? Are there bands playing at the same time or is there only one concert at a time?

H: This year we will feature three different stages. All of friday will happen on the same stage, so there will be no concerts going on simultaneously. On Saturday there will be two larger stages, but we will try to make it so that they will feature bands alternately so that one can get to see as many of the bands as possible.
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Concert Reviews: TONS OF ROCK 2019

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Starting in 2014, Tons of Rock has quickly become one of the biggest and most important festivals in Norway with people from more than 50 other countries visiting as well. Also they always feature bands from different genres, so there’s something for everyone no matter your age and musical taste, and that’s one of the keys for their success. For its sixth edition, the organisers decided to move the event from Halden to Oslo, using a huge green area called Ekebergsletta located in the Ekeberg area, a few minutes away from the city centre.



ACCEPT + KORK (Norwegian Radio Orchestra)

The opening concert was held on June 26th at the Oslo Opera House where the German legends Accept played together with the KORK (Norwegian Radio Orchestra) giving a magnificient concert. They played with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra on one of the main stages at Wacken Open Air in 2017, but this was a different experience being indoors on a really special venue like the Opera House, better known as Operahuset or Operaen in Norwegian.

The orchestra (even the director) came out on stage in skeleton costumes and together with a keyboardist, a violinist and the band members they started the performance with some classical music pieces from Mussorgsky (“Night on the Bald Mountain”) and Beethoven (“Scherzo” and “Pathetique”) and then the vocalist Mark Tornillo appeared on stage to play “Princess of the Dawn”, the first Accept song of the evening.
We were able to listen to many of their anthems as well as some of their material from recent years with Tornillo on vocals such as “Stalingrad” for instance. Some more classical pieces were played by the band while the vocalist went off backstage; one of these was the amazing “In The Hall of the Mountain King” by the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg, which caused enthusiasm on the audience. Another highlight was “Metal Heart” with the crowd singing along its immortal riff. The encore consisted of “Teutonic Terror” from their “Blood of the Nations” album released in 2010, and the long awaited “Balls to the Wall”. Approximately ninety minutes of a fantastic opening concert on a Wednesday evening.

Outside it was raining but that didn’t stop “Detroit Rock City” from sounding while fireworks came out from the building’s roof to mark the beginning of Tons of Rock 2019. Luckily, the weather conditions changed the next day and it was warm and sunny the whole festival.



When entering the festival area, you could see how everything was distributed accordingly, from the food and merch stalls to the amusement park for kids, everything was in the right place. There were also a special tent called Tons of Art where different artists had exhibitions, the camping and press area, and three stages: the main one and two others called Scream Stage and Vampire Stage, named after the works by Edvard Munch, the most popular painter from Norway and one of the most important painters in the world. In fact, there were discounts on the Munch Museum for those who showed the festival wristband at the entrance.
The positive aspect about the distribution of the stages is that you could go from one stage to the other in less than five minutes, so you wouldn’t miss any band unless they were playing at the same time.
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Concert Reviews: OM at Kulturkirken Jakob (Oslo, Norway)

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OM at Kulturkirken Jakob (Oslo, Norway)

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

by Jorge Patacas


For those who are not familiar with their name, Om was founded in 2003 as a project of two former Sleep members, being the bassist and vocalist Al Cisneros the only original member left today.
Currently accompanied by the brilliant Emil Amos and Tyler Trotter on keyboards, the trio came to Oslo to play not one, but two shows (!). The chosen venue for the concert was the Kulturkirken Jakob church (!), the best choice for a Drone/Doom band like this. It is clearly unusual to attend a metal concert in a church and many readers will be surprised while reading this, so it’s necessary to explain how this is possible. As the story says, the church was built in 1880 and it was working until 1985 where they decided to close it because of lack of believers in the area. Fifteen years later, it was agreed that the place was going to be used for all kind of cultural events, from plays to metal concerts and it’s been like that since then.

The Show:

After a sold-out first show, we attended the next day to witness an extremely different experience. Upon entering the church, a large structure with soft blue lights welcomed us and the desire to know what it would be like to see a show by a band like Om there grew as the minutes passed.
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Concert Reviews: MORTIIS at Revolver (Oslo, Norway)

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MORTIIS at Revolver (Oslo, Norway)


Saturday, April 27, 2019

by Jorge Patacas


Håvard Ellefsen, better known as Mortiis, has been through different phases along his musical carrer. He started out playing Death Metal in the band called Rupturence, switching to Black Metal when he was part of Emperor as their bass player, then he began a solo career where he experimented with different sounds. His first steps as a solo artist were on a genre he called Dark Dungeon Music, this being the beginning of the Era 1. With “The Smell of Rain” album from 2001, his music moved towards Electro Pop and this marked the beginning of Era 2, which was followed by the Era 3 where his sound got strongly influenced by Industrial Rock inspired by bands like Nine Inch Nails. After a four-year hiatus, his come back was with “The Great Deceiver” in 2016, and this was the beginning of the Era 0. While Mortiis works on a new album to be released this year, he decided to revisit his second effort “Ånden Som Gjorde Opprør” after a long time, playing it live in its entirety on a tour that even took him to South America last year. This time, the gig was at Revolver, one of the several venues where concerts are held in Oslo, the Norwegian capital city.
After a very good show by the support band Offermose from Denmark, two banners where put on each side of the stage, smoke started to come out of it, and the masked Mortiis emerged from the shadows with just a synthetizer. There was no microphone for him to talk to the audience at all, but it wasn’t necessary; his cold and intense look was the visual contact with them, while the music did the talking, enchanting and taking us to unknown and very dark places. It’s original, atmospheric and captivating music. As its own definition says, the music on the Mortiis first era sounds like it came out from a dungeon.
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