Interview: ELUVEITIE

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Eluveitie, Lacuna Coil and Infected Rain joined forces for a European tour by the end of 2019. One of their last stops was Oslo, so some hours before the show, we met their vocalist Fabienne Erni, who joined the band in 2017 and already recorded two albums with them, “Evocation II – Pantheon” (2017) and the recently released “Ategnatos” (2019). We discussed all things Eluveitie but also her other projects, her past, childhood, dreams and a lot more!


RISE!: – I guess you haven’t been in such a long tour before. How are you dealing with the life on the road?

Fabienne Erni: It’s going really, really well. I mean, now we’re actually on our fourth last show and I had my ups and downs, you know? I was a bit scared like “ok, it’s gonna be winter, so am I going to catch a cold?”, and then if I would, how do I cope with it when I have to sing everyday, and all of that. But it went really well, I was just a little bit sick, but still it was fine and now for me the tour could go on for two weeks or so, I have energy and I really enjoy it, specially being here in the north. I’m a huge Scandinavian fan and I took a walk today, the sun was out and it was just so good! (laughs)

R!: – You were lucky actually because the sun hasn’t been out in a long time before today (laughs).

FE: Really?! We were so lucky then, I think we had like two hours of sun now, and we took a walk, went to the sea, the castle thing and the Christmas market of course. This is what gives me energy too, just taking these walks, see different cities, catching some sun because otherwise when you sit in the club all day long, that doesn’t work. So we’re really having a good time and I’m gonna be a bit sad because it’s gonna be over and it will be a huge change because you’re surrounded by so many people all the time and at home you’re just alone again or with your family or friends, and that’s it.
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Interview: MOONSPELL

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Moonspell has recently toured Europe together with Rotting Christ and the Swiss outfit Silver Dust. One of the stops was Oslo, Norway, and RISE! was there, so it was a great opportunity to meet the keyboardist/guitarist Pedro Paixao and discuss their latest album “1755”, the new biography book “Wolves Who Were Men”, his personal opinion on the music business as well as many other topics, even memories from their childhood!


RISE!: – You’ve just released a new biography book called “Wolves Who Were Men”. How did you come up with this idea? Can you tell us a bit of what the fans can find in the book?

Pedro Paixao: The idea came from Fernando (Ribeiro, vocalist) who thought that it would be a good time to have a biography, because we have so much history to share. And I think there was also a silent fan demand on it. Eventually he met the right person to write it, he didn’t want to do it because it would be a bit strange to write a biography of the band, of a group of people, written by one of them. That’s a different story. We really wanted somebody from outside, so when he met this person, he invited him to write the book. It was first released in Portuguese obviously, it went very well. It’s really well-written I have to say, it’s very nice.
In the first chapters you will find mostly the metal scene. It’s more like a social context realization, so you understand how Portugal was, how Lisbon was and how Heavy Metal was there, you know? And where did Moonspell emerge from. The very origin. That takes about two to three chapters. And then the characters, the persons that were involved start to show up slowly and slowly, and eventually it’s no longer a social report, it turns into kind of a romance. So I think overall it’s really well-written, we’re very happy to release it in English finally. And the curiosity is that it was my sister who translated the book (laughs). Because she’s bilingual and a translator as well, so things came together for a coincidence and now all the fans can have our biography with no filters.
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Concert Reviews: ELUVEITIE / LACUNA COIL / INFECTED RAIN at Vulkan Arena (Oslo, Norway)

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ELUVEITIE / LACUNA COIL / INFECTED RAIN at Vulkan Arena (Oslo, Norway)

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

by Jorge Patacas


When Eluveitie, Lacuna Coil and Infected Rain announced they were going to tour together to promote their respective new albums, fans got really excited and in some cases (Norway included), the tickets went sold out some weeks before the show.
The first band who took the stage was Infected Rain. They come from Moldova and built up a name doing everything by themselves, getting a lot of fans around the world. This year they finally signed a contract with the well-known label Napalm Records and released their fourth album “Endorphin”. They kicked off with “Mold” and we could feel the energy coming off the stage immediately. The band sounds tight with the riffs from Vadim “Vidick” Ozhog and Serghei Babici, combined with the pounding drums of Eugen Voluta and groovy bass of Vladimir Babici. Their charismatic vocalist Elena Cataraga AKA Lena Scissorhands alternates screams with clean vocals providing the dose of aggression this evening. This was their first time playing in Norway and left a really good impression on the audience who were enthusiastic towards the end, specially when Lena asked for a circle pit during the last song “Sweet, Sweet Lies”.

Then it was time for Lacuna Coil. The Italians just released their new album “Black Anima” which had very positive response from both media and fans. They went on stage wearing their current horror outfits and began with “Blood, Tears, Dust” followed by a classic on their setlist, “Our Truth”. Even though they have been touring for six weeks across Europe, the energy displayed on stage was the same as usual.
Cristina and Andrea vocals still work perfectly complementing each other with the latest getting more aggressive on the songs from the latest album such as “Layers of Time”. They also played “Enjoy the Silence”, the Depeche Mode cover that was released as a single for their “Karmacode” album from 2006, and it was cheered by the audience as one can expect.
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Interview: HEX A.D.

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From Eternal Terror Webzine (https://www.eternal-terror.com):

Saturday, 7th of December, we were invited for a listening session at Kniven bar in Oslo where we got the chance to sit down and listen to the upcoming release by the Norwegian riff monster act HEX A.D., named “Astro Tongue in the Electric Garden” and out in the beginning of 2020.

Today, December 13th, is also the day when the band releases the first single from the album, “Astro Tongue”. Hopefully this first insight into the upcoming release will transpose you in the same kind of landscape that we were taken to for the whole duration of the listening session: a very pleasant and joyful, yet heavy and intense journey back to the good old days of hammond organ and upbeat riff bonanza, while still anchoring you in the present times of a more daring attempt at combining elements and rhythms.

Of course, the one time listening through the album is not enough to fully label it into one of my two categories: music I like vs. music I don’t like. So all I know is that it was really intense and pleasant and I’m looking forward to get my hands on it and digest it thoroughly. It felt like a nicely balanced overall composition, less doomy that the expectations built based on the previous material heard from the band. And luckily, after the audition, we (Jorge from http://risemetal.com and me) had the chance to sit down with vocalist and main composer Henrik Kaupang AKA Rick Hagan and get a lot of cool info about the album itself, the guests and the band’s history. A transcription of the chat is available underneath the video of the new single.



Me: Thank you for having this event organized for us.

Henrik Kaupang: It was our manager’s idea. We thought it would be really nice to have an occasion to play the album and show it to people we thought might be interested in it.

Me: Are you proud about the album. How do you feel about it?

H.K.: The album is a huge departure for us because this band started as a solo project. I was playing in a band back then and we got a deal with Chris Tsangarides in England (Judas Priest, Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy) and he said ‘I want you guys to come England and make an album with me’. It sounded excellent. It turns out the two guys I was playing with at the time didn’t want to join me, saying we don’t have any songs. I said we’d write the songs, so I ended up going to England alone, recording an album in ten days, on my own, all the instruments. That is the first Hex A.D. album, Chris Tsangarides mixing and producing and I’m playing everything. It turned out cool, maybe a bit naive and a bit raw, no keys, no nothing, just guitar, bass, drums. I really liked it, it got great reviews when it was released in 2014. Around that time I went to the audition for Joe Lynn Turner, as I am a session drummer, and that’s where I met Magnus who now plays the keyboards and organ with us. Neither of us got the gig, but we met and we bonded. When I decided to make the second Hex A.D. album I invited Magnus to join me, and so we went to England. He played the organ, a big old Hammond organ that hadn’t been used in fifteen years, we had to start it five times and only parts of the keys were working. Good times.
Anyway, Hex A.D. turned into Magnus and me in the studio and then we used my brother as a session drummer and a bass player with whom I’ve been playing for twenty years, and now we actually had a band. We got in touch with Sverre, our manager, who also runs the record label and we talked about making a new album. So last year we released “Netherworld Triumphant”, but that’s just me and Magnus and in a way it felt like we needed to start involving the other guys more. So on this new album, everyone contributes.
My brother is now the permanent drummer in the band, but our styles are very different. I think I am more progressive, he is more raw. We have chosen which songs each of us played. And as Chris passed away, he didn’t produce this album, I did it instead. And I was kinda calling the shots, deciding which songs is more typical of each of us and split the drum jobs. Are plays all the bass parts, I didn’t play any. So this is a band efoort to which everyone has contributed. I’ve still written all the songs, as from the start it was my idea, my vision on what Hex A.D. it’s gonna be. But the great thing about working with such fantastic musicians is that you can write something and they will take it to another level. That’s so exciting. So I am very proud of this album and the way it turned out with everyone contributing. So this is really the long answer.
But I also have to say that this is definitely less doomy than the other three releases.
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RISE! on Inferno Festival Magazine 2020

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Jorge Patacas, editor-in-chief and writer of RISE! has recently been involved in the Inferno Festival Magazine 2020 doing an interview with the Norwegian band VREID who will be playing at the festival this year.
The other interviews were conducted by Gunnar Sauermann (Metal Hammer) and Roy Kristensen (Imhotep / Scream Magazine).
Check out the online version below!