Concert Reviews: SONATA ARCTICA at Parkteatret (Oslo, Norway)

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SONATA ARCTICA at Parkteatret (Oslo, Norway)


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

by Jorge Patacas


After their acoustic tour that landed in Oslo last March, the Finnish power metallers Sonata Arctica returned to the Tiger City, this time with an electric set as part of their European leg of the tour in support of their latest album “Talviyö” (Finnish word for “Winter Night”).
Doors opened at 19 hs. and half an hour later, the first opening band took the stage. What a great feeling it is to discover a good band in their live show. That was the case for me with the Finnish quintet Temple Balls who play Hard Rock in the vein of the 80’s Glam scene. They were formed in 2009 and have released two albums, latest one is called “Untamed”, from which they played some songs that night including “Ball and Chain” and “Distorted Emotions” which undoubtedly would have been radio hits if we were living in the 80’s. They have catchy tunes, good riffs and the right attitude to conquer audiences. Let’s keep an eye on them!
The other band opening for Sonata Arctica on this tour is Edge of Paradise. The Los Angeles-based outfit has played in Europe only once at the Femme Festival in the Netherlands back in 2017, so this was their first show ever in Norway and the second of their European tour. Personally, I have followed this band since the beginning and saw how they evolved at all levels over the last eight years. Their new album called “Universe” is an example of this. It was released by Frontiers Records on November 8th, so we got to hear some of the new songs live, including the catchy singles “Universe”, “Face of Fear”, “Alone” and “Fire”, for which they also made great videos. The charismatic frontwoman Margarita Monet has a powerful and large vocal range, while the other original member, Dave Bates, showcase his skills on the lead guitar, specially on the solos where one can clearly notice his classical influences.
The rest of the current lineup consists of David Ruiz (guitar), Mike Bear (bass) and Jimmy Lee (drums), and they all together had a great performance which concluded with a cover of “Bad”, originally by Michael Jackson. Looking forward to seeing them again soon!
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Concert Reviews: ALEX SKOLNICK TRIO at Herr Nilsen (Oslo, Norway)

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ALEX SKOLNICK TRIO at Herr Nilsen (Oslo, Norway)

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

by Jorge Patacas


On March 27, the legendary Testament guitar player, Alex Skolnick, arrived in Oslo with his Alex Skolnick Trio project, which also features Nathan Peck on bass/double bass and Matt Zebroski on drums. The event took place at Herr Nilsen, a small Jazz club located in front of the court where Varg Vikernes was sentenced in 1994.

For those who are not familiar with Alex’s side project, it was formed in the beginning of the last decade after he developed his passion for Jazz studying and obtaining a degree at the New School for Jazz & Contemporary Music in New York City.
As part of the tour for their fifth album “Conundrum” (2018), the band showed all their virtuosity in front of both Testament and Jazz music fans. In a relaxed atmosphere, while the audience had a drink on the cold Wednesday night, Alex and his band played a setlist that included everything. They started with two pure Jazz compositions, “Unbound” and “Culture Shock”, both featured in their latest effort with a very good response. Then it was time for a very different version of Aerosmith’s classic, “Dream On”, adapted to the style of the trio, and then set out to play Funk in a song dedicated to the late pop icon Prince. But Skolnick’s versatility when playing all these different styles would not end there, since next one was “Django Tango”, which is, as its name indicates, a tango dedicated to the historical Jazz musician, Django Reinhardt, a song that was included in his solo album, “Planetary Coalition”, released in 2014.
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Concert Reviews: UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS at Rockefeller Music Hall (Oslo, Norway)

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UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS at Rockefeller Music Hall (Oslo, Norway)

Opening Act: L.A. WITCH

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

by Jorge Patacas


Seven years have passed since I discovered the British band Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats with their second album “Blood Lust”, released via Rise Above Records, owned by Lee Dorrian (Cathedral, ex Napalm Death), as well as the rest of their five-album discography. It’s shocking to see the amount of bands that have emerged in this decade playing Occult Rock in the style of the late 60’s and 70’s bands, each of them taking that sound to the current era and adding its own identity, that’s how we can clearly differentiate one from the other. The most obvious example is the successful Swedish band Ghost, but bands like Kadavar, Jex Thoth, Lucifer, Royal Thunder, Windhand or Witch Mountain are other exponents who have been inspired depending on the case in Psychedelic Rock, Progressive, Blues and most notably in the eternal Black Sabbath riffs. Even pioneers of Occult Rock like Coven, formed in the second half of the 60’s, with their legendary vocalist Jinx Dawson as frontwoman, have played again and even released new material on the current decade. This movement has brought excellent bands, the aforementioned are just some ofthem, but one that has caught my attention since the first time I’ve heard of them was Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats. These guys from Cambridge who just released their fifth album “Wasteland”, have a very unique sound where psychedelia mixes with the doom riffs from Sabbath school and even with Stoner passages. They’re also inspired by the same period when it comes to the visuals, not only on their musicians aesthetics, but also in their music videos, posters and merchandising. It’s a band that in some way captures the mysticism that surrounded many groups of the time and bring it to this digital era, and that draws the attention of those who in part miss that musical period. Fate has led me to be residing in the Scandinavian region today, specifically in Norway, where the Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats would be present, being the first time that I personally was able to see their show.

Outside the temperature was below zero despite being autumn in the Nordic country, but once inside the climate changed radically.
We are talking about the Rockefeller Music Hall, one of the most popular in Norway in terms of gigs, which capacity for 1350 people.
As its name suggests, L.A. Witch, comes from Los Angeles, California, and they were the band who was responsible for opening the night. It’s a female trio formed in 2011 with a sound that captures and transports the listeners to analogical periods, where garage rock and indie are clearly present with a hint of psychedelia around each of the compositions. The trio formed by Sade Sanchez on guitar and vocals, Irita Pai on bass and Ellie English on drums, released their self-titled debut album in 2017 and this tour is exposing them to new audiences. We’ll see what will be the result of this great opportunity for them.
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