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The Ukrainian band Jinjer has just released a new EP called “Micro” which they’re currently promoting across Europe as special guests for the Amorphis/Soilwork co-headlining tour. One of the dates was in Oslo, Norway, so it was a great opportunity to talk with their bass player Eugene Abdiukhanov about their new album, the experience on the Latin American tour, the metal scene in Ukraine and many other interesting topics about life!


RISE!: – The tour has just started a few days ago, how is it going so far?

Eugene Abdiukhanov: We played just six shows, this is the sixth one. So far this was the most problematic because this is the first time we don’t have a soundcheck, so it was a bit hard from the technical point of view. But in general terms it was fine, same as the other shows, Stockholm was wonderful, Copenhagen was once again wonderful because we played there already three times and all the shows there were awesome! Everything is going very well.

R!: – Before starting the interview, we were talking about your Latin American tour. You were there last month and even played in my home country Uruguay, so how was your experience in Latin America? I know you even got a tattoo there! (Tattoo says “Con Latinoamérica en mi Corazón”)

EA: This is the answer. Let me show you once again… (He shows the tattoo on his arm). So, this is how it went. It was perfect, we really fell in love with the whole Latin America, every single country treated us very, very well. It turned out that we have thousands of fans there and had this huge concerts in Santiago, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Sao Paulo and Montevideo was a very good concert too. There are only positive feelings and feedback about the whole tour. I cannot even think of a single negative thing.
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