Concert Reviews: DJEVEL / WHOREDOM RIFE at Blå (Oslo, Norway)

DJEVEL / WHOREDOM RIFE at Blå (Oslo, Norway)

Friday, February 22, 2019

by Jorge Patacas


I have been living in Norway for some months now and there’s one thing that has become clear to me. The local scene here is relatively small, but very strong. People really support the Norwegian bands even though there are international shows coming every week and many of them are sold-out.

I’ve noticed that before, but on this Djevel and Whoredom Rife gig there was no doubt that Black Metal is alive and well in its country of origin, and even more so considering that some hours before the show, the organizers announced that it was sold-out.
It all started at 20:00 hs. when Whoredom Rife came out on stage. They are a duet formed in the city of Trondheim in 2014, although they become a quintet when playing live, this time with HBM on vocals, who replaced K.R. since he couldn’t make it that night. HBM who’s also vocalist for Mare, Vemod and Black Majesty, did an amazing job as guest, to the point that someone who was not familiar with the group, could think that he was a permanent member. The setlist was based on songs from their two studio albums to date, “Dommedagskvad” (2017) and “Nid – Hymner av hat” (2018), which were acclaimed and not in vain, since their epic and traditional way of playing Black Metal is very interesting and worthy of being listened to, and they proved it that night with a very intense show where there was almost no pause between the songs. There was no verbal communication with the audience at all, but the music did the talking and the audience responded in a great way. When it comes to the extra musical aspects, all the elements that complement a show of this genre were there, from the corpsepaint to goat skulls placed in the microphone stand and stage lightning that perfectly fit the show.

Thirty minutes later, the members of Djevel (literally means “Devil” in Norwegian) took the stage, which had several candelabra in different parts of it. The Oslo-based band was founded in 2009, being guitarist Trond Ciekals (also responsible for clean vocals) the only original member left, after a massive lineup change in 2017. In this new phase, the vocal duties are in charge of Mannevold (Koldbrann), while Voidar (Koldbrann) holds the position of guitarist and the legendary Bård “Faust” Eithun (former Emperor) shows his skills on the drums. These changes have influenced the band’s sound in a way, nowadays we can notice more melodic sections within the context of their raw and fierce traditional Black Metal with lyrics written in their native language. Djevel has five studio albums, being “Blant svarte graner” their most recent one, of which they performed songs such as “Banker som doedningeknoker” that got a very good response from the audience that filled Blå, a venue located in the Grünerløkka area.
The band finished their show after one hour and the audience felt satisfied since they got what they were looking for: a strong dose of visceral Black Metal thanks to two promising bands of the Norwegian underground that are ready for much more.



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